Organic Eco-Friendly Cannabis seeds

We’re a seed bank made of female gardeners who have spent years perfecting pesticide-free organic cultivation techniques that have a smaller environmental impact, as well as using recyclable packaging for the seeds themselves, which are hand picked and stored within a humidity and temperature controlled environment to ensure freshness.

Seeds are sold as collectable souvenirs only in accordance with U.K laws.

We offer free U.K shipping and free seeds with all orders 

Spend £25 Receive 2 Free Seeds

Spend £50 Receive 4 Free Seeds

Spend £100 Receive 8 Free Seeds

Free seeds are selected at random and will match your ordered items in terms of feminized or Autoflowering feminized seeds.

Accessories and Merch
Super natural seed co

Fruity Photoperiod Bundle | 10 Seeds For the Price Of 5!

Super natural seed co

Stellar Autoflower Bundle | 10 Seeds For the Price Of 5!


Seeds are sold as collectable souvenirs only as it is illegal to germinate them or sell them for germination purposes in the U.K. Please do not contact us regarding anything relating to cultivation as we will not be able to respond.

Eco friendly packaging

All our seed packets are
printed on an 100% recyclable and sustainably sourced material.

Inside each branded seed pack, the seeds themselves are supplied within a glass vial.

This is an alternative to traditional foil packaging and further
supports our commitment to eco friendly products.


Organic Living Soil

We’ve spent years creating the perfect living ecosystem for our plants, using the no-till method, we constantly recycle nutrients to replenish the soil, this increases the quality by enhancing soil biology activity and increasing organic matter so it can be reused for years. We believe this all-natural, sustainable method is better for the earth and it’s much better for us to consume cannabis which has been grown this way.

Let nature take it’s course….

We the people

We are a U.K based female owned business who have been working with Breeder companies and seedbanks for the last 15 years, we use sustainable organic gardening methods along with all natural organic products and recyclable packaging so we have less impact on the environment. Proud to be part of the Tastebudz Genetics Family!

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Shannon Frost
Shannon Frost
Fast delivery. Excellent service. Very friendly amd helpful if you need any advise or help. I do recommend this website. I will be using it again :)
Little Blue And Kira
Little Blue And Kira
Amazing customer service from Supernatural Seeds. Very nice to see a company put the amount of effort in they do with the parcels and extras. The seeds are second to none. You will not be disappointed ordering from this company 💚
Highly recommend supernatural seeds. Ordered with them directly, the packaging is amazing and they included loads of freebies.
will shaw
will shaw
Super Natural Seeds put so much love and effort into your package you’ll be happy to order from here - super easy ordering - rapid delivery A* 5* service all round
Shaun Stapleton
Shaun Stapleton
Black cherry crush is beautiful and so was the UFOG 👌🏻🔥 grew very solid! Will grow some more from super natural very soon! Highly recommended and great customer service
Carlos Gonzealez
Carlos Gonzealez
The Sour Orange was great you get the smell of citrus and sweet. Smoke is smooth and a bit more of the citrus comes through in the flavor one of the first tangerine/orange strains I've had that I actually enjoy.
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