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❄️🍉 Super Natural Seeds Presents: The Fruity Photoperiod Bundle 🍏🥧

Unveil the enchantment of our Fruity Photoperiod Sensation Bundle, featuring the exclusive  Apple Tart and Frozen Melonz strains. Cultivate a garden of euphoric delights with 10 seeds for the price of 5, blending the tartness of apple with the cool, sweet burst of melon. Each strain, meticulously bred for potency and flavour, promises a unique journey through creative euphoria and blissful relaxation. Dive into the exquisite fusion of sour, sweet, and frosty aromas. Order now and savour the unparalleled taste of nature’s candy, with free U.K. shipping. Embrace the sweet escape.

🍉Fruity Photoperiod Sensation Bundle: Frozen Melon & Apple Tart 🍏

Prepare to elevate your garden with an infusion of sublime flavours and unparalleled effects with our Fruity Photoperiod Sensation Bundle. For a limited time, embrace the art of cultivation with 10 seeds for the price of 5, featuring two of our most tantalizing strains: Frozen Melon and Apple Tart.


🥧Apple Tart Strain 🍎

Dive into a symphony of sour and sweet with Apple Tart Feminized Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds. Born from a majestic lineage including Sour Diesel, C99, Animal Cookies, and Gelatti, this strain is a powerhouse of creativity and relaxation, boasting a THC content of 25-30%. With its compelling blend of grape, sour apple, and gas aromas, Apple Tart emerges as a perfect muse for those seeking a burst of creativity and euphoria. Flourishing in just 8-9 weeks, expect generous yields of 350-450 g/m2 indoor or 350-450 g/plant outdoor. Terpenes like Linalool and Camphene enrich its soothing essence, making it an ideal selection for evening relaxation.


🍈 Frozen Melonz Strain❄️

Step into a frosty paradise with Frozen Melonz, a testament to our commitment to unique flavour profiles and potent effects. This sativa-dominant jewel, combining Melon Gum, Watermelon Zkittlez, and Iced Grapefruit, promises an explosion of melon, strawberry, and grape aromas. With a THC content of 19-22%, it delivers an uplifting and joyous experience, perfect for those sunny days or creative endeavors. Ready in just 50-55 days, Frozen Melonz is a high-yield miracle, promising 600-800 grams per square meter indoors and up to 1000 grams per plant outdoors.


Special Bundle Offer: Seize this extraordinary opportunity to add both of these exquisite strains to your collection. Order now and receive 10 seeds (5 of each strain) for the price of 5. Embrace the chance to cultivate the sweet and sour magic of Apple Tart alongside the frosty delight of Frozen Melonz.

Free U.K. Shipping: We’re delighted to offer free shipping across the U.K., making it even easier for you to start your fruity photoperiod adventure. Choose from convenient payment options including bank transfer, CashApp, or cryptocurrency.

Please Note: Our seeds are sold as collectible souvenirs to comply with U.K. regulations. We encourage all customers to respect their local laws. Buying, selling, or trading feminized seeds in the UK is legally permissible, regardless of whether seeds are obtained domestically or from other European countries. However, it is your responsibility to research and comply with local laws and regulations before placing an order.

Elevate Your Cultivation Journey: Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer. Indulge in the unparalleled flavours and effects of the Fruity Photoperiod Sensation Bundle. Order now and transform your garden into a haven of euphoria and relaxation.


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